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"A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her."

Author Unknown


Greetings and Welcome to
Sister's Quarterly Newsletter!

Since the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, we, Afrodescendants, have been divided and conquered, rendering us incapable of creating and building a society of our own until now.  Today we, sisters, are at the forefront and are a pivotal force in the rebirth of a powerful future for all our people. 

In Sister's Quarterly, we will explore issues of identity, health, law, family, relationships, Reparations, and how to find better remedies and solutions to our seemingly never-ending problems so we can begin developing a united front, which will enable us to begin developing a strong, secure and safe community, WhereEver we are. 

So please join us with thought-provoking content in an effort to reunite us as an Afrodescendant people; locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Vol. No. 3 Issue IV December 2022

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